Converted Drug Weight Calculator (Dec. 2018)

When a drug case involves multiple controlled substances, USSG 2D1.1, Application Note 8(B) provides a means to determine a single offense level for the various substances. This application note sets a converted drug weight (formerly marihuana equivalents) for each gram of commonly encountered controlled substances. The sum of the converted drug weights is then used to determine the base offense level under the drug quantity table found at 2D1.1(c). The Converted Drug Weight Calculator will calculate converted drug weights for most drugs, based on the November 1, 2018, Sentencing Guidelines section 2D1.1, Application Note 8, and will provide a base offense level based on the total quantity of converted drug weights.

The calculator does not account for the reduction in offense level when the accused receives a mitigating role as provided in USSG 2D1.1(a)(5), or any applicable reduction for acceptance of responsibility as allowed by USSG 3E1.1.

The calculator also does not account for enhancements for specific offense characteristics found at USSG 2D1.1(b), or enhancements from Chapter 3 or Chapter 4, Part B of the Guidelines. Finally, this spreadsheet does not apply to offenses covered by USSG 2D1.11, Unlawfully Distributing, Importing, Exporting or Possessing a Listed Chemical; Attempt or Conspiracy.

The Converted Drug Weight Calculator incorporates amendments effective November 1, 2018, and comments referencing relevant sections of USSG 2D1.1 and its Application Notes.